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    Make Old Home Appliances Know You More, Assessment of Mainline Smart Home Suite

    Author:深圳市凌寶電子有限公司 Click: Time:2019-09-07 10:21:25

    The future is the era of the Internet of Things, and the era of the Internet of Things has begun to arrive, so many manufacturers began to lay out the Internet of Things early, vivo has recently started to work in this field, implanting "JOVI Material Association" in its system, so that devices can be used more easily and quickly.Today we are going to evaluate two products that can be used in Jovi Material Link, smart sockets and smart remote controls provided by ORVIBO.

    Smart socket out of box

    Both products are packed in cardboard boxes with round seals at the mouth. Due to the special structure of the smart socket, the boxes are fixed with a double layer of cardboard.

    The smart socket has only one hardware and no accessories, so only one instruction sheet can be found in the box.

    The exterior material of the socket is white flame retardant plastic, which can withstand high temperatures of 750 C. There are five sockets with new national standard on the front. The sockets are close to each other. Only one socket can be used for three-hole and two-hole sockets. The socket has a child protection door and needs some force to insert the plug.

    On the back of the socket is the plug, with a three-eye plug with ground wires. On the edge of each plug, there are also "N", "L" and ground marks carved as tips.

    There is a circular button at the top of the socket, which is the switch of the socket, but it is not the power switch. Essentially, it should be a standby switch, because the smart product can not really cut off the power completely, it can only stand by, because only in standby state, APP can wake up remotely.The word "MAX 2500W" on the switch means that it supports 2500W power, beyond which the socket may be damaged.

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